Search Engine Optimization analysis is the process to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your competitor's SEO along with your own. It is more or less like the typical analysis that people need to do to find the gaps between what they are doing and what their competitors are doing. But focusing more on the strategy of marketing, one will focus on the strategies of SEO.

The SEO competitor analysis will help you with the following

  • Creating a Benchmark for the current search engine optimization performance
  • Check for the areas for improvements in the SEO strategy
  • Explore the competitors' weaknesses and gaps
  • Discover the winning strategies of your competitors

SEO Competitor Analysis

Importance of the SEO Competitor Analysis

The use of SEO Competitor Analysis helps you to look at the overall market, the search landscape, and the competitors. It also shows the important keywords. Even if one has reached the top of the results of a search engine, one should know the important keywords that will help monitor the performance of SEO to make sure that one does not lose the top ranking on the search page to their competitors.

How To Run the SEO Competitor Analysis

There are not any hard or fast rules to run the competitor’s analysis. Following are some steps that one should add to the process.

Look For the Competitors

Try to zero in on sites that rank exceptionally or frequently for your principal target watchwords and any critical extra catchphrases.

Assuming you're dealing with one website of yours, you may not know who your rivals are. You can take a stab at building your rundown with the Market Explorer apparatus. Select "Track down Competitors" on the instrument's point of arrival, then, at that point, enter your area or domain.

Decide Who You Should Not Compete With

Each competitor who is above SERPs’ will never be a genuine competitor. Therefore, it may not be as fundamental or even reasonable to attempt to outclass a few sites.

To recognize which destinations aren't your rival, consider factors like current positioning, assets, and time venture.

You might have to commit more work to outclass locales that are a lot greater or substantially more settled, which can influence your general methodology.

All things being equal, center around the contenders that can affect your traffic the most. These will probably be the sites that contribute the most to your lost traffic.

It is advised to follow the top pages of the competitors. It is essential to know the popular pages of your competitors. Take note of the following things:

  • The pages that have the greatest number of keywords
  • The pages which have the highest percentage of the overall traffic

Some competitors can at times drive a good amount of traffic to a set of pages or even on a particular page. For instance, the third most well-known page is the Home Depot which has nothing to do with the construction or supplies other than the wallpaper. 

Find Keyword Gaps

Focus on the keywords that you currently rank for, yet not as well as your rivals. Take specific note of watchwords where you are just a position or two behind your rival. This is crucial when it comes to SEO competitor analysis.

Utilize the Keyword Gap device to recognize your rivals' keywords that you need to take and the ones you need not to take. Begin by entering your site and up to four contender destinations to see the Overview report, which demonstrates top watchwords that open amazing doors for you.

Keep an eye on the SEO competitor analysis to know what’s going on in the present-day market. This is helpful for you to increase your rank on search engine results.